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Allergy Profiles prepared from 5 ml of blood drawn from the patient helps to promote the concept of allergy testing on a more comprehensive and extensive scale through serological estimations of allergen Specific lgE. The advantages are :


  • Absence of patient discomfort caused due to sitting through repeated

   long, strenuous and often painful procedures of skin-prick testing.


  • The system rules out the physical  presence of the patient  at  the Clinic for  undergoing testing procedures.

The system also proves pragmatic and appropriate for paediatric and geriatric patients alike


  • Eliminates the need for the patient to abstain from taking required medications like antihistaminics and mast cell stabilisers for specified period as is obligatory before a skin test especially for chronic sufferers.

Additionally, a range of other ELISA tests like Thyroid Profiles, Oncological Profiles, IgE/IgG Assays,  Total  IgE,  Sp. IgE,  HIV,  Hormonal Assays  etc.  have  also  been  incorporated in the specialized ELISA Laboratory